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Reading, reading, typing, reading, reading, typing, reading…

I’m well into my literature review now. Lots of reading. Some typing. More reading. As such, I’m doing everything I can to avoid actually doing my literature review. One of the things I’ll be doing, as part of the project, … Continue reading

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Dammit, Jim…

Actually, I can’t finish that line, yet. But, give me three and a half years, and I should be able to. It’s Thursday. Last Saturday, I packed my clothes, some flat-packed shelving units, and my computer into my little car, and moved … Continue reading

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Poster Science – Letham Moss

Having recently recieved my (1st class!) passing grade for my honours project, I now feel confident enough to share it with the world. Below is the poster I prepared to summarise some of the data and conclusions I made during … Continue reading

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Ready, Set?

I think I’ve found a badger set! On my drive through to uni this morning we passed a dead badger at the side of the road. Always a bummer to see, but for once the sight actually spurred me into … Continue reading

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How To Kill A Giant Panda

The giant panda has long been the poster child for the ‘suicidal species’; spend any time working in panda conservation with the public and you will be asked, usually once a month, why they behave as though they want to … Continue reading

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The Black & White Truth About Giant Pandas

Actually, given that this is ‘just a blog post’, I’m not going to go and dig out the sources and reference all the points I’m about to make. Therefore, to call this the absolute, 100% accurate truth about giant pandas … Continue reading

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New Developments of Bob

The newest member of our household, Bob the spider (Tegenaria spp. – or Eratigenia atrica apparently. Still reading up on this recent change) seems to have settled in quite happily. This is evidenced largely by the fact that an egg … Continue reading

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