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Home Is Where The Hearthstone Is

Yes, I stole the title from a t-shirt. Lets move on. I have a friend who is very much ‘into’ World of Warcraft. Actually, she’s one of only two or three friends I have who are; you’d think I’d have … Continue reading

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The Neverending Family

The most cherished character I ever created was a human Mage called Norman S. Dunnit. I can’t remember what the S stood for, but I can tell you almost anything else about him you care to ask. I created Norman … Continue reading

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I FINISHED SOMETHING!!! Yep, hard to believe, but true. I decided to get myself back to some LARPing (did I mention I’m a geek/nerd?) and so this required a character. Normally, creating a character background has involved firing up the … Continue reading

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A SpaceMaster™ Adventure

Unlike the majority of content on this blog, this has actually been finished. I even play tested it. (Okay, the Appendices are missing from this post, but I’m still counting this as a victory). — ‘Delivering The Unexpected’ An adventure … Continue reading

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