…Greyfried’s Unfinished Works

Short Version

This is a blog is a receptacle for Greyfried’s output, be it scientific studies, creative crafts, or just generic ramblings, rants, and thoughts.
Despite the name, some of the stuff here is actually finished
(but there’s usually always room for improvement).

Directors Cut


I shall begin by assuming that you’re lost, bored and wandering the internet and have stumbled upon this site by accident.

Perhaps the Gods of The Etherweb have steered you here to me. I don’t think that’s a big leap of logic (insofar as Invisible Sky Gods and logic go together). After all, thanks to the demigod Google, I was once tracked down by a woman who had been on one of my tours months before. She happened to stumble across my profile picture while on page 56 of a random, boredom induced image search. This led her to my Bebo page and we’ve since exchanged many a pleasant e-mail. I understand that might strike some people as a bit scary in an internet stalker sort of way, but my point is that while, yes indeed, the internet is awash with crazy, obsessive, people, there are also lots of nice people out here too.

I’d even go as far to say there are less crazy people on the Internet than in the real world – it’s just that it’s easier for the crazies to be heard on here.

So, speaking of crazy folk being heard (or read, or seen), let me welcome you to my Unfinished Works. Hopefully, this will become a collection of stories, ideas, thoughts, videos and pictures all liberated from my mind; each one finally given substance and posted here for your pleasure and mine.

Of course, as the title to the page suggests, final results may be left to the imagination.

Happy Wandering


Greyfried is unfortunately not a highly religious, mysterious figure; by day seeking spiritual enlightenment, but when the darkness falls seeking out and fighting crime and injustice. He doesn’t do that.

He is just a guy, who’s name is Derek.
A guy who gets along just fine.
He actually has a very happy life.

Like almost everyone, Derek has needs. Alongside the basic ones (food, water, nutrients, gravity etc) he also has a need for a creative outlet. However, very often, while he will begin a creative activity he rarely finishes such projects. It is, in his own humble opinion, one of his biggest flaws. That, and the fact that he still gets a bit of a kick out of pretentiously referring to himself in the third person, every now and again.

He also dreams of a day when he will be able to seek out and combat crime and injustice. Preferably while wearing a mask.


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