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I Know Why They Call Them Briefs

Ayone who knows me will tell you that I hate blowing my own trumpet. My lack of acting jobs will also testify to that. So forgive me if there seems to be a note of self satisfaction running through this, … Continue reading

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My SuperBowl Cherry has been Popped

It is 4:48am on Sunday the 3rd Feb. (This has been copied and pasted since I didn’t have web access at the time of writting). My alcohol content is probably enough to kill approximately 19 hamsters. Football Rocks. And by … Continue reading

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Still Alive

First, check this out: case you’re wondering what exactly that is, let me explain… For those that don’t know, I’m a bit of a PC gamer geek. To date, only one company has continually impressed me with both the … Continue reading

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