New Developments of Bob

The newest member of our household, Bob the spider (Tegenaria spp. – or Eratigenia atrica apparently. Still reading up on this recent change) seems to have settled in quite happily. This is evidenced largely by the fact that an egg sac has appeared in her home (I’m pretty sure that’s what it is – gimmie a break, it’s my first spider). I expected this to happen, but I’m still unsure on the time scale of the life cycle – mainly hatching time. I’m looking into it as we speak.

Bob's Eggs 3

Much as I love Bob, and by extension her offspring, I’m not too keen on hundreds of the little buggers running about.

UPDATE: I forget the details, but Bob eventually became a happy mother of about 100 or so little spiderlettes. We released most of them into the close, so that the other appartments could reape the benefits of helpful arachnid companions.

More pics of Bob below.

Bob's Eggs 2 Bob 3 Bob's Butt Eggs1 Eggs3 Bob 4

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