The Quantum House

Another dream transcript (is transcript the right word? I’ll have to look that up). Must have had this dream a long time ago cos I don’t remember writing this. I also don’t remember any of the dream itself, but it must have made an impression cos I wrote a fair wee bit about it.

Story Idea

The Quantum House

Possibly a gateway between hell and heaven.

Used by a family as a luxury home; the house adapts to the users thoughts. One ‘half’ is this lovely home. The other half is a winding cave like network that eventually leads to a wooded tunnel. At the end of the tunnel there is a painfully bright point that is a portal to a ‘quantum world’ with other lifeforms (angels?).

One of the angels has come through and remains here, unable to get home until a human takes it through.

At the other (house/home) end there is a hidden portal to ‘hell’.
From this, nasty spirits come through and start inhabitting the dead (zombies). Eventually a very powerful, nasty ‘demon’ comes through – a zombie lord. Meaning that the zombies are now much harder to put down for good. They are attracted to light.
As the shit hits the fan here, the house becomes much darker and also much larger, efffectively becoming a small city as the number of nasty spirits getting through increases.

Fighting the nastiness at this end is ‘dude who knows what’s going on’. He tries to save the family who live in the house.

Meanwhile; at the ‘good end’, the angel has freaked out the small family (by being a small, bringht shiny object, but the small kids are intrigeud….bleugh! No stereotypical small kids. Think I’m forgetting the dream here. That’ll do for a start anyway.

Reading through it, the title I’ve given it doesn’t really fit (but that was probably part of the dream too).

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